D1.1State of practice for unit testing and test assessmentActiveEon, Atos, INRIA, OW2, XWiki
D1.2Initial prototype of the unit test amplification toolKTH, INRIA, XWiki
D2.1Report on the State of Practices for Configuration TestingSINTEF, Atos, TellU
D2.2Initial prototype on configuration test amplificationSINTEF, ATOS, XWiki, ActiveEon
D3.1Survey on logging practices and toolsTUDelft
D3.2Crash replication benchmarkTUDelft
D3.3Prototype of amplification tool for common and anomaly behaviorsTUDelft
D4.1Collaborative Software Engineering PlatformOW2
D4.2First public version of API and initial implementation of services and course-wareENG, INRIA, OW2
D5.1Industrial requirements and metrics v1ActiveEon, Atos, OW2, SINTEF, TellU, XWiki
D5.2Validation Roadmap and framework V1ActiveEon, Atos, OW2, TellU, XWiki
D5.5Use Cases Validation Report V1ActiveEon, Atos, OW2, TellU, XWiki
D6.1Dissemination PlanOW2
D6.2Communication MaterialOW2
D6.3Market AnalysisActiveEon, Atos, OW2
D7.1Quality PlanINRIA
D7.1Deliverable template (pdf)INRIA
D7.1Deliverable template (odt)INRIA
D7.1Deliverable template (docx)INRIA
D7.1Presentation template (odp)INRIA
D7.1Presentation template (pptx)INRIA
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