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Nov 21 2018

STAMP Newsletter November 2018

STAMP Newsletter - November 2018

Join the STAMP beta testing campaign and add software testing automation to your DevOps approach.


  • Try the STAMP Tools

    Generate frequent releases faster with high quality, thanks to STAMP testing tools. Join the beta testing campaign now.

  • Amplify your Java Tests 

  • Hands-on Workshop at Inria

    Don't miss the next opportunity to enhance your testing efforts. Attend the STAMP workshop in Sophia-Antipolis with live demos, 30 January 2019.

Be Part of the STAMP Success in Three Steps

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Change your View on Software Testing

Read Henry Coles exclusive interview for the STAMP community. Discover how the designer of Pitest perceives the mutation testing adoption in the industry. And leverage your Pitest approach with Descartes.


Try More STAMP Tools

Do you code in a Java project with an existing test suite? Download the complete STAMP toolset to automatically generate new tests and extend your existing test cases. Give it a try now!

Oct 29 2018

STAMP Beta Test Flyer

Oct 15 2018

STAMP Roll-up Totem

Sep 20 2017

CloudWatchHub Summit Poster


Filename (7.7 MB): STAMP_POSTER_A1_CMYK_V5_ForPrint.pdf, version 5, 20/09/2017


Sep 05 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

STAMP Newsletter - September 2017


  • Illustrate your test reports

    Check out a new Jenkins pipeline script to automatically attach failing test screenshots to your test reports.

  • Read our Commit Strip

  • Replay STAMP at OW2con'17

    Etienne Sauvage, Engineer at OW2, presented STAMP Testing Amplification at the OW2 annual conference in Orange Innovation Gardens in Paris.



  • 17-24 SEPT. Two scientific papers about Refactoring of Tests and Continuous Integration at ICSME
  • 24-26 OCT. The EclipseCon Europe OW2 booth will host STAMP and other collaborative projects.
  • 06-07 DEC. Join the STAMP project team at the OW2 village at OSS Paris 2017.


DevOps Puts A Huge Emphasis On Test Quality

While DevOps promises to drastically reduce delivery cycles, hasty deployment entails the hazard of propagating a regression bug into production due to lack of sufficient testing. Statement coverage is the most popular metric to determine the adequacy of a test suite. However, this metric is known to be a poor indicator of a test suite's capacity to detect bugs.

At EclipseCon Europe next October, STAMP project coordinator Benoit Baudry will introduce and illustrate the benefits of another metric for test suite quality: the mutation score. Click on the boarding pass above for more on what to expect from STAMP in Ludwisgburg. 

Why adopt a new testing suite? Share our Commit Strip to convince the developers and experts around you to give STAMP a try :)



Do you code in a Java project with an existing test suite? Download DSpot to automatically generate new JUnit tests and extend your existing test cases. Give it a try now!

Jun 20 2017

Stamp Strip

English version, vertical

English version, horizontal

French version

Mar 30 2017

STAMP factsheet


Open the Stamp Project FactSheet.
Read this one page document to discover how STAMP is increasing test automation in Cloud application development. 

Filename: 1709_STAMP_Factsheet_v5.pdf, version 5, 20/09/2017

Mar 27 2017

STAMP roll-up totem


Mar 22 2017

STAMP stickers