Beta tester feedback

STAMP tools tested

DSpot is STAMP testing tool that most of the beta-testers have tried and focused on, closely followed by Descartes, then Camp and Botsing.

STAMP installation outcomes

Using the software guides, DSpot and Descartes were simple to install according to the beta-testers. Descartes allowed 88% of beta testers to check their unit tests effectiveness. DSpot allowed 55% of beta testers to amplify their unit tests. 67% of testers could amplify their configuration tests with CAMP and 60% of beta testers could improve their crash tests with Botsing.

Early user experience

A total of 64.2% of beta testers found the STAMP toolbox easy to understand, while 35.7% found it difficult to understand.

Beta tester organisations

Beta testers working in an industrial company represent the largest group of early users (43.9%). They are followed SME IT professionals (21.4%), Academic testers (14.3%), and local government (7.1%).

Beta testers

The STAMP project team thanks the following beta testers in particular for their time, interactions and accurate suggestions: 

  • Andre Freyssinet, ScalAgent Distributed Technologies (F)
  • Mehrdad Abdi, University of Antwerp (B)
  • Alexandre Lefebvre, UShareSoft (F)
  • René van Veldhuijzen, Squerist Testen (NL)
  • Florian Pradines, Arcan Security (F)
  • François Déchelle, Teclib (F)
  • Peter Lamby, Solutions Direkt AG (D)
  • Michele Rogeratro, University (I)
  • Alessandra Bagnato, Softeam (F)
  • Thomas Canava, University (I)