Change Your View About Software Tests

The STAMP innovative software contribute to detect more bugs in your java applications. Trying the open source toolset will amplify your testing efforts automatically. STAMP acts along your CI/CD pipeline, reducing errors and eliminating failures while you deploy new services to production. For an overview of STAMP technologies, please watch this short video primer.

Join the beta testing campaign now!

To try DSpot and Descartes testing tools, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up to the beta testing campaign to share questions and experiences with the community through the STAMP-users mailing list.
  2. Download and try DSpot and Descartes testing tools, following this getting started guide
  3. Fill in the feedback questionnaire

Where are the beta-tester benefits?

You'll have nothing to lose and everything to win, including time and quality in your software releases!
Moreover, you'll be among the first to discover the most advanced Java software testing tools.
And, as a recognition for your efforts and useful feedback, you might receive a limited edition “STAMP Software Test Pilot” gift and be added as a STAMP contributor. This offer is limited to the first beta testers providing a valid contact by 25 March 2019. They will be contacted individually for a customized gift and for contributions opportunities.

More tools and contact

This campaign will evolve with more open source testing tools to discover. Come back regularly!
You can also find more  STAMP software on GitHub.
Feel free to contact the support team and to contribute.