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Nov 06 2018

24th Dutch Testing Day, Delft, Netherlands

Building20 at TU DelftCampus: Delft University of Technology
Location: Building 20, Aula Conference Centre
Date: 6 November 2018

TU Delft is organizing the 24th Dutch Testing Day with keynotes, presentations, pitches, posters and demos.

Meet STAMP project partners and Tanja Vos, from the Testomat project, also involved in this conference.

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Bas Dijkstra ( - Why do we automate?
  • Marianne Duijst (Sogeti) - Wearing Hermione’s Hat: Narratology for Testers

Check out Prof. Arie van Deursen (TU Delft) presentation about The European STAMP project on testing and Continuous Integration

For more information, visit the Dutch Testing Day website

Oct 24 2018

ParisJUG Mutation Testing meeting

Place: Henix, Montrouge
Date: 24 October 2018
From: 7:30PM To: 10:00PM
Speakers: Henry Coles (NCR), Benoit Baudry (KTH), Vincent Massol (XWiki)

The ParisJUG meeting, co-organized with XWiki and OW2, welcomes software testing professionals for a dedicated session on mutation testing.
Several experts will present the latest innovations in Java software testing automation, including Henry Coles (NCR), the author of PIT mutation tool, Benoit Baudry, Professor at KTH and STAMP project leader and Vincent Massol (XWiki).

This event marked the official launch of the STAMP beta testing campaign More…

STAMP Exec Committee & Workshop


STAMP Exec Committee: 24-25 October 2018
STAMP Workshop: 24 October PM
Paris JUG: 24 October from 7:30PM to 10:00PM


STAMP Exec Committee and STAMP Workshop Place: INRIA building Paris 12e

Sep 17 2018

In-Vivo Analytics for Big Software Quality Scientific Workshop, Leiden, Netherlands

Lorentz Center Scientific Workshop

Place: Lorentz Center, Leiden
Date: 19-21 September 2018
From: 9:00AM To: 17:00PM

Several STAMP partners, including TU Delft and KTH will participate in this Lorentz scientific workshop focused on the area of software analytics and big software. More…

Sep 08 2018

SSBSE 18, Montpellier

Place: Montpellier, Hôtel Mercure Centre Antigone
Conference: Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering
Date: 8-9 September, 2018

The 10th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering, with Benoit Baudry (KTH) as General Chair, brings a rich SSBSE 18 scientific program with three tutorials, seven paper sessions and famous SSBSE 18 keynote speakers. Among them, Mark Harman (Facebook) explains "Deploying Search Based Software Engineering with Sapienz at Facebook". The conference is collocated with the 33rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2018) where STAMP partners including TU Delft and INRIA offer a Tutorial on Descartes. More…

Jul 11 2018

Mid-Term Review, 11 July 2018, Brussels

A constructive review meeting

The Mid-Term Review meeting takes place in Brussels Beaulieu 25, on 11 July 2018. This meeting offers the opportunity to summarize the project progress, including the ongoing scientific efforts, the software testing toolset, technology integration, use cases validation, dissemination and exploitation activities. A constructive dialogue with Odysseas Pyrovolakis, EC project officer, expert reviewers Leire Orue-Echevarria, Prof. Tanja E.J. Vos, Prof. Radu Marinescu, and STAMP project participants from ten organisations reveals several improvements and next priorities for a successful H2020 research and innovation action. More…

Jul 04 2018

SophiaConf 2018, 4 July 2018, Sophia-Antipolis, France

SophiaConf 2018

Pascal_Urso.jpgPlace: Campus SophiaTech
Date: 4 July 2018

Track: DevOps & Cloud

Title: Test Amplification for DevOps

Speaker: Pascal Urso
Organization: ActiveEon

During this open source conference, a four days event hosted by the University of Nice Côte d'Azur on the French Riviera, July 2-5, 2018, the STAMP project approach to software testing automation and its benefits for the DevOps teams will be revealed by Pascal Urso, Research investigator at ActiveEon.

More details and registration on the SophiaConf website


Jun 21 2018

BreizhJUG, 21 June 2018, Rennes, France

mutantsBenoit Baudry (KTH) will present several STAMP technologies at the BreizhJUG meet-up.

This talk introduces and illustrates the benefits of mutation testing to assess the quality of test suites. The intuition of this technique is simple: to determine if a test suite can detect bugs in a program, simply inject bugs in this program and check if the tests can detect them.

More information:


Jun 13 2018

EclipseCon, 13-14 June 2018, Toulouse, France

Date: 13-14 June 2018
Place: Pierre Baudis conference center - Toulouse
OW2 booth: #14 

The Stamp project is showcased on OW2 open source community booth #14 and also discussed during the research conference track.

Caroline_Landry_Inria.pngSpeaker: Caroline LANDRY, STAMP Project Manager, INRIA
Track: Research
Room: Argos
Date: 13 June, 10:45AM


Jun 07 2018

OW2con'18, 7-8 June 2018, Paris Châtillon

During the OW2 community annual conference, Daniele Gagliardi Engineering Group Technical Manager is talking about STAMP in the DevOps approach.  

Daniele_Gagliardi_ENG.jpgTitle: STAMP or Test Amplification to DevTestOps Service

There is increasing talk of DevTestOps to emphasise that the DevOps promise to release software quickly should not be at the expense of its quality and ultimately of its value. STAMP (Software Testing AMPlification) project can provide you with several powerful test amplification features to be exploited at three different stages in a DevOps process:
    • automatic generation and execution of variants of existing test cases;
    • automatic generation of variants of existing test configurations;
    • automatic generation of test cases from available production logs in order to reproduce and fix any anomaly which may occur.
In this talk I will show you how to use this technology within your production processes in order to increase your software quality. More…