STAMP Breakout Session & Talks at OW2con'19

Jun 12 2019

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Date: 12/06/2019
Place: Orange Gardens, Paris Châtillon

During the OW2 open source community annual conference, the STAMP project is represented in a couple of talks and during a dedicated Breakout Session:

  • STAMP breakout session: DevOps test automation in practice with STAMP tools
    • Caroline Landry, Oscar Luis Vera Perez, and STAMP participants  
    • The breakout session demonstrates four STAMP testing tools to pre-registered DevOps teams in the OW2 community. It allows them to try several automation techniques on their own Java applications in order to improve their test cases. Revealing faults in the code then along the CI/CD chain, the four STAMP tools are able to enhance software quality, stability and performances. 
  • Functional testing with Docker and TestContainers, a talk by Vincent Massol (XWiki) at 16:40
  • STAMP test automation for Continuous Integration, a talk by Caroline Landry (Inria) at 17:40
    • This talk presents two automation techniques for Continuous Integration to reveal weaknesses in test cases. The first one is based on mutation testing while the second one is based on test amplification. Both techniques are now implemented for Java and available in open source STAMP tools Descartes et DSpot.