Luc Esape, artificial software fixer, unmasked by The Register


Luc Esape, aka Repairnator, is unmasked! The Java software fixer recently earned a world class reputation as a smart bot, thanks to an article posted on The Register by Thomas Claburn, a real editor based in San Francisco (California). 

The Register article is entitled: The mysterious life of Luc Esape, bug fixer extraordinaire. His big secret? He's not human

For the INRIA researchers at University of Lille within the Spirals team, this international recognition underlines the open source software ability to fix bugs through automatically generated patches, provided within minutes during the continuous integration and continuous delivery. 

A quote from KTH Professor Martin Monperrus, Repairnator and STAMP contributor, confirms the bot track records. In a few weeks, Repairnator has produced five patches that have been accepted by human developers and merged into their respective code bases: "This is a milestone for human-competitiveness in software engineering research on automatic program repair", he explains.

The online article along with multiple comments also raise unsolved questions about patch legal responsibility and future DevOps careers.