Facebook SapFix and Sapienz to find and fix software bugs

Facebook engineers are investigating code automation using Artificial Intelligence in Sapienz and mutation-based fix in SapFix.
Both tools are designed to speed up the deployment of new software through distributed codes that are pre-tested and as stable as possible.
According to a recent article, they are intended for open source release in the future, once additional engineering work is completed, but no date is mentioned. 

"As we develop SapFix to work with different kinds of bugs and software, the tool has the potential to change the speed and quality of code generation. That’s true not just for companies that operate at large scales, but also for nearly anyone who creates code. Whether used together or separately, SapFix and Sapienz let developers spend less time on debugging and more on generating what’s next", explain Facebook engineers Yue Jia, Ke Mao and Mark Harman, in a recent blog post.

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