DSpot Amplification Visualization

The following video shows the amplification of two unit tests from JSoup using DSpot.

The bars to the left represent the unit tests. The blue level on each bar represents the number of iterations performed by DSpot in the test amplification.

The orange circles represent classes. The blue circles methods.

Each dot inside a method represents a mutant (as in mutation testing). If the dot is grey it means that the mutant is not executed by the test suite. An orange dot represents a mutant executed by the test suite but no test case is able to detect it. A green dot represents a mutant executed and detected by the test suite.

The numbers in the top right corner represent the number of mutants detected by the test suite (in green) and the number of mutants executed but not detected by the test suite (in orange).

Initially all mutants are grey as no test case has been executed. Then we execute the test suite and see the mutants that are executed and detected by the original test cases. After that, the amplification process begins. Each time a test is amplified, the new version is added to the existing test suite.